Sokolsko Sletiste (Falcon Movement Rally ground) or Stadion Kralja Petra II (King Peter`s II Stadium) was built in 1936 after initiative from Falcon Movement, as part of Great National Park project from engineer Kosta Petrovic.

Back then, sanitation and development plan of today`s Prozivka Promenade and Sandorska Bara area swampy terrain was adopted for purpose of building sports and entertainment park complex.

First part of development included construction of Falcon`s Rally ground and additional infrastructure. Rally ground was built by fiiling the great bank in the shape of curved rectangle. At the steep inside part of the bank, constructors built VIP box and seating area as well as stands, while on the outside bank area entry points were erected along with lilac flowers, grass and other greenery arrangements. The pitch itself is below ground level and drainage was solved with pipes and ducts.

Upon stadium`s construction, ground capacity was 20 to 25 thousand spectators. Stadium was opened on 6th of June 1936, for Kingdom of Yugoslavia Falcon Movement North Parish Association rally event.

The start of WWII interrupted project`s finalization. Some works were done during the WWII occupation and after the war, in 1949, gates and ticket offices were built with VIP box making way for all-seater area while east side arch made way for club`s building in the 60s.

After wooden west stand burned in fire, improvised VIP area was erected at the club`s building.

Concrete block stands were built in 1972 followed by flank pitch entries between east, north and south-east areas of the ground. 

In 1978, FK Spartak constructed new premises including dressing rooms, laundry room and gym, as well as tartan track and new VIP area. Few years ago, east and central stands became all-seated areas.

More reconstruction work is taking place at the moment.