S.A. Spartak is leading sports association in Serbia topping even Crvena Zvezda and Partizan by the number of athletes and associations involved. Nowadays, S.A Spartak has over four thousand active athletes among its ranks. S.A Spartak clubs are as follows:

ATHLETICS:  Spartak Athletics Club

CYCLING: Spartak Cycling Club

BOXING: Spartak Boxing Club

WEIGHTLIFTING: Spartak Weightlifting Club

JUDO: Spartak Judo Club

FOOTBALL: Spartak Men`s Football Club, Spartak Women`s Football Club

ICE HOCKEY: Spartak Ice Hockey Club

FIELD HOCKEY: Spartak Elektrovojvodina Field Hockey Club

KARATE: Spartak Karate Club

KICKBOXING: Spartak Kickboxing Club

SKATING: Spartak Skating Club

BASKETBALL: Spartak Men`s Basketball Club, Spartak Women`s Basketball Club, Spartak Youth Basketball Club

FENCING: Spartak Fencing Club

VOLLEYBALL: Spartak Men`s Volleyball Club, Spartak Women`s Volleyball Club

SWIMMING: Spartak Swimming Club

HANDBALL: Spartak VojPut Men`s Handball Club, Spartak Women`s Handball Club

WRESTLING: Spartak Wrestling Club

TABLE TENNIS: Spartak Table Tennis Club

CHESS: Spartak Chess Club

WATERPOLO: Spartak Waterpolo Club

MOUNTANEERING: Spartak Mountaneering Club

DIVING: Spartak Diving Club