FK Spartak introduced youth department soon upon 1945 founding of the club but, in the early days, kids were not classified in their respective age groups.

FK Spartak youth school was officially founded on 20th of October 1971 with the appointment of official youth coach Dejan Vrana and the official youth club motto “We make players, not results”.

Upon Vrana`s arrival, kids were classified by age groups and soon tours of England, Norway and Malta were organized, a rare occurrence among Yugoslav youth football clubs at the time.

Therefore, besides training next to senior Spartak players, club`s youngsters were able to attend numerous European youth tournaments.

Some great results were achieved along the way – Spartak U-15`s at French Niza tournament, U-17`s and U-19`s at Czech Nitra Danube Cup while Spartak U-19`s and U-15`s both won Vito Rossano tournament staged in Turin 1989 ahead of Juventus and Pescara to name but a few. Domestically, Spartak and the city of Subotica positioned themselves as a true football centre.

Besides winning numerous Vojvodina region championships, Spartak youths led by Antal Puhalak were close to pick up Youth National Cup trophy in 1980 but lost 2-1 in a cup final to Hajduk Split at OFK Belgrade`s Omladinski Stadium.

Both Spartak seniors and youths had it tough by the end of 20th and beginning of 21st century.

Financial turmoil reflected on all club`s selections results. Fortunately, new management took over by the end of first 2000s decade and soon four Spartak youngsters joined club`s senior team, some of them becoming regulars.

These days, Spartak U-19`s and U-17`s are regular Serbian youth top-tier feature in their respective age groups. FK Spartak youth school celebrated 45th anniversary in 2016 with over 200 youngsters under its ranks in various age groups. Their development is observed under the watchful eyes of 11 UEFA licenced youth coaches. In 2013, Spartak board adapted Youth School Development scheme, the basis of youth school work and development. Looking at most of the renowned Europe`s youth schools and academies, famous Ajax one or near-by Partizan`s, our aim is to produce two to five youth players for senior team every season.