FK Spartak youth school internal organization description

Besides basic aims and football player`s development duties, FK Spartak and FK Spartak youth school in particular, as integral part of the club, are engaged in socially responsible activity with emphasis on healthy football character development.

FK Spartak youth scholl groups (over 200 youngsters, age 6 to 18):

  • A total of nine selections
  • Six competitive selections
  • Three non-competitive selections, so-called „infantry school“

Each Spartak youth coach works with one age group exclusively. FK Spartak also employs specialist youth goalkeeper`s coach and physical skills preparation coach. Most of our youth coaches hold UEFA A and B coaching licence, while others are in process of gaining UEFA coaching certificates. Youth school medical department consists of sports medicine doctor and physios.

Scouting department and equipment services are also employed full-time. Each age group trains under suitable scheme. When needed, training scheme changes depending on observations made in the past period and on the basis of deployment. Youth school is runned by youth school director and his close associates – youth school coordinator and technical secretary.

Youth school management holds a meeting once a week, excersizing control and checks, disscusing short-term and long-term planning, ongoing and global matters and problems.

Spartak youth school conditons are extremely modest but we here try to implement planned work scope as much as possible.

Considering the importance of systematic and coordinated work inclusion of kids and in cooperation with FK Spartak PR and Marketing department, FK Spartak visits all Subotica primary schools at the beggining of each school year. In 2013, Serbian Sports Journalists Association – North Backa County section, presented FK Spartak with special award regarding this activity.